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Significance of Mehmet Ali - Essay Example

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The author of this essay entitled "Significance of Mehmet Ali" comments on the history of Egypt. It is stated that Ottoman Empire had been ruling Egypt for a considerable time before Mehmet Ali took part in various wars against the emperor ruling over different segments of Egypt…
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Significance of Mehmet Ali
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Extract of sample "Significance of Mehmet Ali"

Download file to see previous pages Most important decisions that Mehmet Ali took, were regarding the reformation of Egyptian society based on European patterns. He brought up the idea of Bureaucracy which separated Egyptian social system from the earlier patterns where Kings were very much the final authorities and every smaller decision would make sure that it takes place according to the pattern that would have pleased the king. Although, Mehmet Ali’s pattern of Society was not like a democratic system yet it made the state very powerful as it almost bound producers to sell the entire outcome to the state that will take care of reselling. Such authority of State helped Egypt to develop faster because Khedive himself would take care of revenues contrasting to modern communist systems where State is provided with power but restricts liberal policies for traders outside the state. This system turned Egyptian society and politics into a self-regulating society which paid very much for the future development in economy and army. On the other hand, Mehmet Ali also rebuilt the army structure based on different segments controlled by separate department united as whole army under Khedive. It was more structured pattern compared of any military system Egypt has seen before. Consequently, Mehmet Ali also succeeded in ruling a bigger land that any earlier king of Egypt could manage to. Mehmet Ali had been a successful emperor for a long time, succeeding to establish his dynasty to work for future and to take Egypt towards the upcoming new era of modernism (Vatikiotis, 1991, p.70). Even after such a long rule over Egypt, Mehmet Ali was considered as a Turk by a number of natives. Further, progression of revolutions had been paid by this fact on large amount. Another charge revolutionaries had against Mehmet Ali’s dynasty was about their conceiving the state in limited bureaucratic structures providing no liberty for producers. However, as this fact comes up as a truth during modern society, it has paid much in Egypt’s development in earlier times. Still when it did not fit into a changed world prone to democracies, Egypt also demanded liberty and further Mehmet Ali’s dynasty led to its terminal with the revolution. Portrait of Omai- By Sir Joshua Reynolds One of the cult figures of simultaneous time of painting art is the portrait of Omai by Sir Joshua Reynolds. It holds significance as an artifact as well as a representation of Egyptian culture to the western civilization. Joshua Reynolds is known wildly among the most recognized landscape painter. In his portrait of Omai, he has used an authorized technique of expression which comes out as one of his greatest portraits. Reynolds has painted certain number of portraits of Omai which are considered on different aspects. However, best knows of his portraits of Omai is the one that was shows at Royal Academy at 1776. It has achieved a cult status in Landscape painting. Some earlier portraits painted by Reynolds are considered previous attempt as appears that Reynolds himself was not satisfied with the outcome and wanted to make it grand. (Connaughton, 2005) Specific importance of Omai is as an encounter between East and west. It is the background of Omai’s visit to London.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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