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Humans have made this world a global village. There was a time when we used to write on the walls in dark caves and those writings were read by people ages later. We…
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How We Change
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"How We Change"

Download file to see previous pages We have made this world a global village where it is more than just easy to move from one place to other in a matter of hours and communicate with each other in a blink.
But, to gain something, we had to lose something and that something we lost to achieve this marvelous world of today is care for each other. Although we have every means of communication and stay connected, we have lost the will and time to say hello to our loved one. Peter Lovenheim in the article ‘wont you be my neighbor’ and William Deresiewicz in article ‘faux friendships’ most beautifully and with complete facts, describe these losses to mankind throughout its evolution and progression. Lovenheim describes our society of today in a way that it makes us all stop for a moment and think that ‘what and where we did something so wrong that we are at a stage of total societal collapse today. Although we have progressed and evolved a lot to provide us with all the facilities and necessities of life, we have no time to be with each other. We have the means as said by Lovenheim like internet, faster travelling routes and cheaper travelling expenses. We still find it so hard to meet each other in person and form a strong societal bonding.
William Deresiewicz also explains the loss of mankind by stating that we, the men of 21st century are suffering from ‘facebook syndrome’. He states that because of so much advancement in technology, we are now dependent on it to communicate with each other. The author states by giving the example of friendships that we have forgotten to interact with each other on a more personal level. Friendships of today are limited to facebook and twitter etc. and it is the screen of our computers and smart phones that we are friends with rather than being friends with a real person.
Both these articles show how the human species has changed over time. We have no time to be with each other and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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