Are Food Manufacturers Killing Us - Research Paper Example

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The study evaluates why food manufacturers use the substances and why they are allowed to use the chemicals. It will also pay special attention to an example of companies and foods manufactured with steroids…
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Are Food Manufacturers Killing Us
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Steroids: Are Food Manufacturers Killing Us?
Steroids are the substances containing a large class of organic compounds with a characteristic molecular structure with four rings of carbon atoms. Antibiotics are medicinal substances used in inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. The purpose of incorporating the substances is to increase the competitive advantage of the products over their enemies. However, the substances when consumed by human being ultimately pose serious health effects including death in the end.
Example of Companies and Foods manufactured with steroids
The companies are engaging in the production of the foods that endanger consumers’ lives include McDonald’s, Pringes, Ritz Crackers and Starburst. Steroid-contained product produced by McDonald’s is the French fries, having milk as an ingredient. Ritz Crackers manufactures the red velvet cake mix that contains chemicals that are unsafe for consumption, hence risking the consumers’ lives.
Effects of Steroids
Consumption of steroids causes adverse and severe side effects including tumors, high blood pressure, kidney tumors, and reduced sperm count prostate cancer. Possible cases of cancerous infections may result from consumption of steroids in manufactured foods. The cancerous infections may have no treatment hence higher probability of leading to death. Recurrent use of foods containing steroids may cause infertility and pattern baldness in men (Mahan et al. 527).
Steroid usage leads to cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes. Steroids effects changes in the levels of lipoproteins carrying cholesterol in the blood. Steroids increase the risk of blood clotting in the blood vessels, and this disrupts the normal blood flow thereby damaging the heart muscles (Mahan et al. 526). Heart interferences have the effect of leading to sudden deaths. The actions of the manufacturers to continue with the production of steroids induced foods are evidences that indeed they are killing us.
Why the Manufacturers Use the Substances
Manufacturers involved in the production of meat use the steroids at the animal’s growth stage. Steroids enable young animals gain weight faster attaining the required weight in a timely manner. The significance of this to the manufacturers is the reduction in the costs that could rather incur in purchasing the animal feeds. Excessive usage of antibiotics reduces the bodies’ chances of resistance to diseases (Aḥmad and Farrukh 64). The continuous inclusion of the substances in food manufacture is a proof that the manufacturers indeed are killing us.
Manufacturers of dairy products use steroids for cows in order to increase production. The significance of steroids in dairy cows is to increase profitability at minimum cost incurred during production. Manufacturers can offer high quality induced products that promote psychological satisfaction among consumers. Partial or psychological satisfactions arise since consumption of such foods poses harmful long-term health effects to the humans who indirectly consume the steroids.
Why the Manufacturers Are Allowed To Use the Chemicals
Food and Drug Administration in America allow a safe limit of chemical and surplus substances added to the food. The manufacturers should not exceed the set limits because the substances’ effects are damaging to human health. Monitoring of manufacturers has not been strict due to the American congress’ reluctance to approve and pass FDA goals in protecting consumers from unsafe production (Dier 396). The congress is more protective of the manufacturers at the detriment of consumers. Due to the severe effects of steroids in foods, the American government should enforce strict laws barring the manufacturers from producing unsafe foods.
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