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It is always better to be friendly, but a professional tone will make the message more credible. The ideas should be specific and focused. Social networks let an individual narrow his message down to a…
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Social network policy Editorial policy for any social networking site is very important for users. The policy takes the guesswork out of what is relevant for employees to post about the company to its network (Flynn 234).
The network policy should be written with a friendly yet a professional tone. It is always better to be friendly, but a professional tone will make the message more credible. The ideas should be specific and focused. Social networks let an individual narrow his message down to a target audience such as students who use specific laptop model.
If using photos or video clips, one has to ensure that s/he is informed of the licensing agreement and other copyright information. In most photo sharing sites, users generally list such kind of information. One should check to confirm if he or she needs to request for permission or if the photographer has guaranteed some limited rights.
Users should be discreet about anything they post. When posting to personal social network account, one should remember to omit private or potentially damaging information. An individual may post a social post which may harm him or her academically (Flynn 201).
While using the social network, keep universal readers in mind. The social network pages may typically be viewed by several readers from across many nations and different cultures. The content that is kept in the site should be accessible to a wide audience worldwide. The language used should be understandable and easy to translate using major such engines such as ‘Bing translator’.
Offensive conducts and image affairs are among the most rampant problems that surface when students mix general academics with personal use of social networks (Flynn 311).
Works Cited
Flynn, Nancy. The Social Media Handbook: Rules, Policies, and Best Practices to Successfully Manage Your Organizations Social Media Presence, Posts, and Potential. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. Read More
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