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LAN and LAN to WAN Infrastructure - Essay Example

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This paper will analyze a security problem, a proposed technical change to address the problem and an estimated budget of the proposed solution. The problems to be discussed in the paper revolve around improving the security domains of the organization, more specifically the LAN domain and LAN to WAN domain…
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LAN and LAN to WAN Infrastructure
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Extract of sample "LAN and LAN to WAN Infrastructure"

Download file to see previous pages Adequate internet security is one of the major challenges faced by businesses in today’s economy and the world at large. Vital information transferred over internet applications and networks on which governments and businesses depend on is usually facing unauthorized access. The process of organizing, gathering, finding, analyzing and managing of vital business information is crucial to the survival and success of a business. In 2003, computer viruses caused 55 billion in losses to businesses worldwide. In 2011, a solitary instance of unauthorized access cost Sony more than $170 million. On the other hand, Google suffered a $500,000 loss in 2005 as a result of hacking. According to King, single hacking instances can cost a firm or organization as much as $7 million a day. However, this also depends on the company’s revenue. In addition to the financial cost, hacking leads to time wastage. This is because employees remain idle while the systems are down.King implied that while big organizations have the financial capacity to absorb the costs emanating from such events /attack and revenue can be quite detrimental to operations of small firms. In this regard, a firm or business is often faced with a lot of vulnerabilities. Design flaws, incorrect implementation, poor security management, social engineering, and IT vulnerability are among the major sources of security weakness in an organization. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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“LAN and LAN to WAN Infrastructure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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