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Online discussion - Coursework Example

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David Grady indicates that the overcrowded meetings are affecting the world’s businesses. This is because workers do not concentrate on the proceedings, but attend to their informal…
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Online discussion
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Online Discussion It is apparent that most organizations waste time in conducting unproductive meeting sessions. David Grady indicates that the overcrowded meetings are affecting the world’s businesses. This is because workers do not concentrate on the proceedings, but attend to their informal discussions with fellow colleagues (Grady, n.p). As a result, offers some ideas on the appropriate ways of stopping time wasting in overcrowded meetings. His approach to saving time at the office involves understanding the theme of the meeting before confirming attendance. This helps in knowing the role that an individual might play in the meeting or the organization.
Another approach of saving time at the office offered by Grady is to ignore the conference voice calls and embrace the use of emails. This implies that the notion of Mindless Accept Syndrome (MAS) should stop by changing behaviors (Grady, n.p). The meetings that lack proper agendas should not take place and, instead, workers need to complete their tasks at the offices. Behavioral change is a significant aspect that will ensure workers avoid unproductive meetings. It involves urging meeting planners to use convenient avenues when calling workers for conferences as this avoids time wasting.
Workers should also be informed about the impending meeting dates to avoid rush and unplanned attendance. Grady gives an example of a meeting being called on a Monday morning when workers should start attending to their tasks. This compels the staff to attend without understanding its importance or their roles in it. It is vital to ensure that workers have the option of not attending all meetings to allow them work on their assignments.
Work Cited
Grady, David. “How to Save the World (Or At least Yourself) From Bad Meetings.” TED Talk
Show Channel. Web, 2014. Available at
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