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I intend to establish an effective accounting and auditing role, which will spur the entity to reap its obligated goals. Such an implication will associate my…
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Job application cover Letter week 10 ENG
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Job Application Cover Letter Professional Accountants and Auditing Inc,
5568 Las Colinas,
United States.
The Human Resource Manager,
WM Morrison Supermarket PLC,
BG37DL Gain Lane,
Dear sir/ madam
I would like to present my request to you where I am seeking an employment opportunity from your organization. I intend to establish an effective accounting and auditing role, which will spur the entity to reap its obligated goals. Such an implication will associate my experience and competence to analyze financial statements in organizations and report information. The approach influences the management and the other interested parties to make decisions, which attract profitability and a good working phenomenon.
I graduated in Cambridge University as a Certified Public Accountant and a master in Economics where such education potential upholds my ability to engage the task. Evidently, I have worked with several auditing firms where I established my competence; hence, influencing the capability to assume the task. I engage auditing at Tesco supermarket, which is your key competitor among others where the role has restored their ability to escape risky situation in the firm (Morrison & Wilhelm, 2007). Critically, my involvement in Tesco supermarket has developed my knowledge on the respective operations initiated in supermarkets. Such an aspect simplifies my task where I can easily understand the respective risks, which may associate any supermarket. In an additional view, I engage auditing in threes distinct approaches in supermarkets to examine the entire workforce; hence, extracting areas associated with fraud and other risks. They involve the marketing department, which associate the personnel through the investigation of their financial involvement in the entity.
Secondly, I consider the stocking department, which entail the purchasing team, back office and the warehouse. It is a task, which associate evaluation and investigation to determine the manner in which inventories are regulated; thus, preventing fraud. Further, the approach involves investigation of reports provided to the management by the accounting department in the entity where such an approach facilitates the realisation of fraud. Finally, I consider the sales department where I seek the transactions made by the entity within the particular accounting period where the aspect incites realisation of risks associated with the department. Such an aspect endorses them to achieve maximized profits. I assure you that my role is very effective, and I observe the generally accepted accounting principles; thus, producing a positive output. In a more critical review, I consider prudence an aspect, which entails my accuracy in calculations and reporting. The reports are free of misstatements. Secondly, I engage honest reports to ensure that the management makes true and effective decisions based on the information. Finally, I engage completeness in the task where the reports consider every aspect in the entity within the particular auditing period. Finally, the reports are associated with relevance where they are realistic and economic to the entity; thus, spurring their reliability.
I will observe the above aspects in your entity once given the opportunity where the approach will, extract challenges that uphold your position in the market. The practice will provide guidelines and measures, which will spur the entity to engage profitability and market extension. I kindly thank you in advance as I look forward to hear from you.
Yours faithfully
Glen Kelvin.
Morrison, A. D., & Wilhelm, W. J. (2007). Investment of banking: Past, present, and future. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 19(1), 42. Read More
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