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Internet - Essay Example

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Even for small children it became an integral part of their lives with lots of games, cartoons, all kinds of pictures which it may propose to use. The child learns through the monitor, because the computer is a storehouse of…
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Extract of sample "Internet"

Download file to see previous pages Colorful world, victories and defeats, interesting rivals - all this captures the child. Most games carry aggressive tendencies - murders and destruction. While playing, the child identifies himself with his character, and becomes aggressive. If in the virtual world it is possible to kill, destroy, then the same can be done in the real world - that is a conclusion which is formed in the childrens minds (Lee 2008).
Information with erotic nature filled the Internet. Some photos and videos even for adults are somehow awkward to watch. But most of the children may have access to porn sites. Childhood and adolescence is the time of formation of sexuality. Porn sites may promote unhealthy sexuality, erotic relationships with all indiscriminately (Lee & Tamborini 2009). Taking into account the unformed childs conscious, the availability of such information may simply destroy sexuality of the child and break his whole life.
Child often becomes an unwitting hostage of the lifestyle of own parents, behavior and habits of which he or she copies on a conscious and subconscious level (Mesch 2009). Long chat with a computer, which in the representation of the child begins to associate with a friend who is always ready to play and do not say "enough, Im tired!", can lead not only to the emergence of the computer dependency, but to a whole range of other negative effects.
Communicative activities carried out through the Internet are various. Currently there are intensive experiments with anonymity, from the total self-discovery with elements of exhibitionism up to the hype and the inclination to manipulate and control the impression about oneself. Thus, problems with communicative activities appear in the form of low ability to perceive emotional state of a partner and reduction of the ability to recognize non-verbal aspects of communication
Compulsive Internet use is linked to the inability to control, reduce or stop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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