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Write your opinions about the character of Iago from Othello comparing with your own experiences or personality - Essay Example

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In analyzing Lago, is major in understanding Othello Shakespeare because he plays an important role towards the plot of the play. Iago is overwhelmed by hatred and envious. He is envious of Cassio for getting position of lieu ant…
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Write your opinions about the character of Iago from Othello comparing with your own experiences or personality
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"Write your opinions about the character of Iago from Othello comparing with your own experiences or personality"

Download file to see previous pages The same sentiments are common in our daily lives, people always make their own decisions by trying to come up with conclusion pertaining others. They tend to judge others on a negativity basis (Shakespeare 23).
He has also capabilities of charming and persuading people, in expense for his trustworthy and loyalty. Though he had a desire to retaliate and revenge, despite of his lack in evidence. People tend to be hypocritical in their daily chore (Shakespeare 33). They behave differently from their real character. This is meant to blind fold others, not knowing what are the great traits in others personality. It is so hard to separate between real and fake individuals in life. He is also very glad to damage Desdemononas happiness in the process of revenging on Othello. Individuals full of jealously will always wish you drop below their levels, majority in working environment (Shakespeare 43).
Although he is deeply rooted in unpleasant, he choose his intellect ability to lay a plan and convience others. This portrays great deception in his traits. Majority of politician tend to deploy a strategy, to lie and cheat on the people in the name of getting votes and their selfish desires (Shakespeare 27). Leadership especially in African perceptive is meant on empty promises. These are people who use deception language to persuade others in voting them. At the end lago believed he was going to be punished, though his fate was left in casinos hands. He left with his evils plans by standing on his violent and cunning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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