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The essay concerns the diseases caused by a cold weather. It is mentioned that during cold weather, blood vessels are narrowed and as a result, the heart has to pump blood at a faster rate as compared to when the blood vessels are expanded during warm temperatures. …
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Cold Weather
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Cold Weather Introduction There are many causes of diseases in the contemporary world. As much of many causes are related to bacteria and viruses, exposure to other factors such as cold weather can also cause diseases. It is not uncommon to find parents or guardians insisting that their children must dress in warm clothing especially during cold seasons. This is attributed to the fact that many people believe that cold weather makes people sick. This paper explicates how cold weather makes people sick.
How cold weather causes diseases
Many people believe that flu and colds are caused by cold weather. To some extent, this notion is true. In essence, flu and colds are caused by viruses. However, people tend to be as close to each other as possible during cold seasons in an effort to keep warm. Getting too close to an individual with a cold or flu elevates your chances of getting the flu. In this viewpoint, cold weather contributes to the spread of colds and flu. During cold weather, blood vessels are narrowed. As a consequence, the heart has to pump blood at a faster rate as compared to when the blood vessels are expanded during warm temperatures. It is common knowledge that increased heart rate and narrowed blood vessels will lead to high blood pressure. As a consequence, an individual is therefore more likely to suffer a heart attack during cold weather than during warm weather.
In the contemporary world, people are increasingly being affected by lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity due to sedentary lifestyles. One of the ways that such diseases could be avoided is through regular exercises and adopting healthier eating habits. During winter, people spend most of their time indoors and hence have little time to exercise outside their houses. Additionally, access to healthy foods is restricted during winter. For instance, it is difficult for an individual to walk to a supermarket selling fresh vegetables during cold seasons when fast foods can be brought into the house. In this regard, cold weather promotes unhealthy eating habits.
People also react different in changing climatic conditions. A switch from warm weather to winter could have psychological effects on individuals. In other words, peoples moods change during cold seasons due to the fact that cold weather restricts them or limits the number of places they can go to enjoy themselves. During cold seasons, people are less likely to socialize and hence less likely to share their feelings and troubles with other individual. Stress levels are more likely to be elevated when an individual is isolated from friends and family.
Though cold weather does not directly cause flu and colds, it brings people closer and hence increasing the likelihood of their spread. Cold weather also restricts peoples movement, meaning less time is used for exercising. People are also less likely to walk to outlets selling fresh vegetables when fast foods or pizza could be brought to the house. Therefore, cold weather encourages consumption of fast foods that could lead to obesity. Cold weather also elevates the chances of stress and psychological problems due to limited socialization and limiting activities that are otherwise enjoyed during warm weather. Read More
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