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Correcting Sentences - Assignment Example

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This error occurs with inappropriate use of a word for formal writing. The result is lack of clarity in the sentence when ‘This’ is used as a subject.
The use of ‘To’ shows use of infinitive phrase instead of prepositional…
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Correcting Sentences
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Extract of sample "Correcting Sentences"

Errors in sentence fragments Essay one “To say whether the government or citizens deserve more privacy or not is somewhat debatable because like anything, negative outcomes are inevitable.”
In this sentence, there is a dangling modifier. A dangling modifier mistake happens when there is repeating of words or ideas, or by using too many words.
Correct sentence format: It is, therefore, debatable whether the government or its citizens deserve privacy or not because naturally, adverse outcomes are inevitable.
Essay two
“This has been abused more so in the US with thousands such requests being made, many of which are not justifiable.”
There is an unclear antecedent in the sentence. This error occurs with inappropriate use of a word for formal writing. The result is lack of clarity in the sentence when ‘This’ is used as a subject.
Correct sentence format: This practice has been abused more so in the US with thousands such requests being made, many of which are not justifiable.
Essay three
“Every user should be aware of the possible risks that arise from Internet use as well as being conscious to be responsible enough to deal with the consequences.”
The use of ‘To’ shows use of infinitive phrase instead of prepositional phrase. These are common mistakes made when using propositions. ‘To’ in this instance, has been used in infinitive verb to deal with a word that is normally followed by a prepositional phrase.
Correct sentence format: Every user should be aware of the possible risks that arise from Internet use as well as being conscious to be responsible for dealing with the consequences.
Essay four
“Vanderbilt and Singers articles are closely related, while Singers article discusses progressions in technology, Vanderbilt parleys drivers becoming anonymous when driving.”
Missing possessive form in the sentence. The compound subject ’Vanderbilt and Singers articles’ is missing a possessive form. Because they possess the articles separately, both noun should have an –‘s at the end.
Correct sentence format: Vanderbilt’s and Singers’ articles are closely related, while Singers’ article discusses progressions in technology, Vanderbilt’s parleys drivers becoming anonymous when driving. Read More
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