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Teen Courts - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Teen Courts Teen Courts Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 07 May 2012 Introduction Teen courts represent government and community commitment towards a better society through the creation of alternative methods of correcting juvenile offenders as well as providing opportunities for the youth to learn, participate, and acquaint with judicial processes (Roberts 45-51)…
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Teen Courts Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Young offenders are subjected to a judicial process conducted by their colleagues who play the role of jurors. The jurors in the program undergo some training to expose them to professional judicial service, and are supposed to hear cases and determine sentences that can either be community service or jury service for the young wrongdoers. This provides a chance for the youths to discover and appreciate judicial service and offers a customized (justice) system appropriate for the adolescent people. For instance, in the state of Wisconsin, Teen Courts are widely recognized as tools for correction of young offenders and preparation of young people for better citizenship (Welsh and Siegel 37-42). The goals of Teen Courts in the state include; assisting offenders realize that offenses echo their personal actions, grant young people experience in the judicial system, provide awareness among youth regarding legal process, build relationships linking society and the young people and minimize costs by sentencing teenagers to community service. What They Are And How Do They Work? Teen courts can be described as problem solving avenues that are sanctioned by governments in respective states, in America. The aim in establishing these avenues is to offer optional judicial services for young people who have performed delinquent acts, accused of small offenses or qualified for diversion. Majority of the Teen Courts are acknowledged as credible and legal avenues for problem solving, sentencing and execution because training is offered to the youth working in the courts, there is support from the community and also because of agreements existing between them courts and regular courts. Therefore, Teen Courts are empowered to deal with minor offenses involving young people whereby the jurors who are derived from the teenagers receive training on how to conduct the processes and are supported both by government and society to perform their duties. The staffing of Teen Courts is primarily done through youth volunteers who receive professional training on their new roles as lawyers, jurors, clerks, bailiffs and judges in the various capacities. The courts usually collaborate with other institutions involved in justice and correction services in order to perform their duties. Such institutions comprise of; schools, juvenile custody centers, community organizations, and teenage courts. Such cooperation is relevant to the courts in the event of fulfilling their mandate. This is because part of their purpose is to achieve reprieve for young offenders and help in correcting their behavior. The operations of Teen Courts seem more or less the regular courts because cases are heard by judges who evaluate and decide their verdict for appropriate action. However, some teenage courts employ the application of different arrangements like having a number of judges determine a case and offer their verdict at the same time. Teen Court sentences mostly entail offender’s compensation of individuals offended or inconvenienced by misdeed or it may also involve the development of an awareness agenda regarding safety, health and respect or whichever subject selected that is in line with the offense (Roberts 23). Teen Court sentences are varied and mostly aimed at correcting the offender ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teen Courts Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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