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Final Student Learning Outcome for 350 points In a 1,200-word defend, critique, or outright refute Michelle Alexander's argument that mass incarceration represents the New Jim Crow by analyzing the legitimacy of her claims, - Essay Example

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Also, the denial of rights previously gained after the civil rights movement are indicators of the re-emergence of refined Jim Crow Laws (Alexander 1). The…
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Final Student Learning Outcome for 350 points In a 1,200-word defend, critique, or outright refute Michelle Alexander's argument that mass incarceration represents the New Jim Crow by analyzing the legitimacy of her claims,

Download file to see previous pages... In the formation of the former union, African Americans were denied American citizenship and since then nothing much has changed even in the wake of civil liberties. The abolition of the slave trade and numerous progress in the rights of minorities. The present legislatures on minority groups are deemed to be analogous to those that drove the Jim Crow era. Alexander (1) resounds the aged adage that the more things seem to be changing is the more they remain the same. She asserts that in an era or color blindness where it is not socially permissible to discriminate or exclude persons exclusively based on race the criminal justice system has labeled some to be “color criminals”. Therefore, they are subjected various forms of discrimination. However, Tischauer (2) alleges that attitude and history are the main culprits of the progression of de facto segregation.
It has often been perceived that a person’s character in terms of intelligence and behavior is a result of racial inheritance (Tischauser 2). Which in my view is very much disproved by science that shows the insignificance of color as factor. The racial definition of people in society is further evidenced by the perception that colored people as compared to whites are more likely to be engaged in the use or distribution of drugs. This brings in the view of the drug wars that seem to target black and brown communities predominantly. Federal states seemed more focused on the incarceration of petty drug offenders than curbing the actual drug menace, and federal drug forfeiture policies do little but to promote unsavory practices.
Alexander (1) further insinuates that the mass incarceration presently experienced rather than being driven by crime and crime rates could be indicators of prevailing racial discrimination. Soaring incarceration rates are a contrast to reducing crime rates, but it would appear that more blacks and colored folk are being arrested. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The New Jim Crow
This system of reward and punishment when tested over a prolonged time and subjected to thorough screening, emerges into the form of a law that is binding not only upon invidual but also upon whole the society. Never in the human history has any law been made with an ill intention, but equally true is that not all the laws had been as fair as stated.
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The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
These people have been termed as the ‘invisible people’ and the problems that alienate them form the society has been termed as an ‘invisible birdcage’. The United States declared an open war against the Blacks living there, wrapped in the disguise of a war against drugs. Huge amount of arms and ammunitions were used and many were jailed.
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The New Jim Crow
The litigator has also discussed the issues that people belonging to various races in the country have been going through and the suppression that they face in society. African American men as well as other people belonging to different
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Similarly, homelessness can have adverse physical, social, emotional and psychological impacts on the victims. This paper seeks to define homelessness, identify its demographic characteristics, and explore the various consequences of the issue on its
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Analyzing an Argument Essay
In fact reading was for the few who were either elite or clergy men; the rest of the population was illiterate. Due to their inability to read, most held little regard for books. This was not their fault either, Romans kept literacy
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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Also, the paper will also discuss about Michelle Alexander who has researched the impact from different point of views. Michelle Alexander is an associate professor at the Ohio State University who gained worldwide recognition because of her first ever
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About the book The New Jim Crow
Thereby the assertion made by the author and researcher Michelle Alexander that the mainstream politics and law enforcement agencies have connived with each other to give way to a novel system of racial control seems apt. The irony is that this new
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Rhetoricalanalysis of the new jim crow
Rhetoric approach enables writers to become more persuasive in his or her appeal to influence readers’ views. Consequently, words and texts become major elements of the discourse that are cleverly used to influence the thought processes of
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Write two paragraphs, each about 150 words, which present an extended definition of Jim Crow 1.0 and Jim Crow 2.0. AKA The New Jim Crow
The Jim Crow laws that were enacted during the 1890s were discriminatory laws that were based on the notion that the African Americans and the White Americans were two different groups within the society of the United States but they needed to be
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Summary of Michelle Alexander argument relative to origin of Jim Crow
The author states that the main victims of the system were the people of African-American origin and descent who were sidelined and mistreated. In principle, the law prohibited the African-Americans from enjoying most of the civil liberties that the average and ordinary citizens enjoyed at the point in time.
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