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Fossil fuel - Essay Example

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Solar energy is capable of producing self-reliant energy and renewable instead of mining organic fuels. Organic fuels involve continuous dependency on the oil producing nations, which leads to importation. Solar is available to most nations as compared to fossil fuels.
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Fossil fuel
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1. Solar Energy: Replacing Fossil Fuels due to Renewability, Accessibility, and Potential for Cost-Efficiency and Energy Independence University
August 5, 2014
1. Solar energy is capable of producing self-reliant energy and renewable instead of mining organic fuels. Organic fuels involve continuous dependency on the oil producing nations, which leads to importation. Solar is available to most nations as compared to fossil fuels.
For instance, Arab countries export fossil fuels globally while solar is not available only in the Polar Regions
2. Solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels according to researches. This makes it a better option than the use of fossil fuels which have high economic implications. The process of transporting fuel and refining fuel makes it expensive to use the fossil fuels as a source of energy. Minimizing the cost of installation of solar panels remains a focal point.
For example, mining costs more than just tapping solar, this is free.
3. Solar energy ensures zero production of greenhouse gases. Combustion of organic fuels leads to the production of carbon (IV) oxide which is a key green house gas. The high number of emitters of the gas relies on fossil fuels. Solar energy is clean and no pollution is evident.
For example, the carbon dioxide produced will be minimized.
4. The accessibility of solar energy and the availability makes it better to tap rather than fossil; fuels which will soon be depleted. Solar is available unlike fossil fuels which are found at specific sites. Most fossil fuels include drilling which makes accessibility crucial. For solar energy, exposure to sunlight is just sufficient.
An example may be best deduced from the fact that access to the fossil fuels becomes a tasking process as most fossil fuels are located far from the users.
Alley, R., Berntsen, T., Bindoff, N., Chen, Z., Chidthaisong, A., Friedlingstein, P., ... Wratt, D. (2007). Contribution of Working Group I to the fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Retrieved from Read More
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