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Name Professor Course Date Renewable Energy VS Fossil Fuel In recent times, there have been worries in the energy sector over the possibility of clean energy instead of using the type of conventional fuel that pollutes the environment, affecting it negatively…
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Energy crisis (renewable energy VS Fossil fuel)
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Download file to see previous pages There are different types of fuel that fall under either fossil or renewable and each has its own distinct characteristics setting it apart from the other. Fossil fuels are those that emanate from changes in the atmosphere from the carboniferous era and entail gas, petroleum and natural gas, where they were formed from high pressure and drastic environmental changes. On the other hand, renewable energy is that which originates from materials that receive continued replenishment from nature and include sunlight, rain, tides, wind and geothermal heat. Fossil fuels Fossil fuels that include coal, petroleum and natural gas have their advantages in the world in which we live, and they have not just began as they have been used since their discovery. Fossil fuels are deemed easily available to any interested party that would like to use them, where they occur in huge quantities. As such, they have been used for many years and in modern times with improved technology; there are attempts to find out more reserves of these fuels. In addition, technology has improved how these fuels can be harvested for use and processed for better use in relation to efficiency and quantity, where it is because of technology that fossil fuels are available in abundant amounts for use by all. Another advantage of fossil fuels lies for energy that they produce in relation to the amount of fuel burnt or consumed to produce energy. Little amounts of fossil fuels are required to produce large amount of energy to power large equipment and machinery that makes life easier. Fossil fuels, by having a composition of carbon and hydrogen molecules, have high stability such that they are not explosive under normal environmental conditions. This further makes them easy to store as they do not even form other compounds when left in storage for extended periods, which makes them easy to transport (Srivastava). One of the biggest advantages of fossil fuels is the ease with which they are extracted from their sources, which makes them inexpensive as they are harvested and processed at a relatively low cost, and is then transferred to consumers. Disadvantages of these fuels lie in their makeup, where they release too much heat and toxic gases when combusted such as carbon dioxide, which is a danger to the environment by causing global warming. In addition to this pollution, methods used to curb and control pollution around the globe consume much of the resources that are produced from the use of the fuels, which is a counteractive measure, economically. A major demerit of the use of fossil fuels is oil spills that occur from time to time in the extraction of petroleum from sea beds and leaks in oil tankers. Renewable energy comprises wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydro power and biofuels, which are advantageous, but are little used in the world currently despite being the best form of alternative energy. Looking at these sources of energy reveals that they are easily renewed by the environment continually and are to at risk of running out at all. As such, wind, solar and water as sources of energy can never be depleted as the sun keeps shining meaning it is an eternal source of energy provided they are harnessed efficiently("The 6 Primary Types…”). Due to their ease of replenishment, they need little maintenance as a onetime installation is enough with periodic checks to ensure that they are still in working order, and there are not many variables to affect functionality negatively. In addition, they are clean, which is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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