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Written response task - Essay Example

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I have become familiar with all information stated in the job offer. I was impressed with all qualities and features of your company. The natural gas engineering is my primary qualification, so I…
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Written response task
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Extract of sample "Written response task"

February 25, First GMTB Company 12 Park Main Street Michigan, ME 010000 Dear Ms, Smith At first I have known about GMTB Company from the job board called Hot Jobs. I have become familiar with all information stated in the job offer. I was impressed with all qualities and features of your company. The natural gas engineering is my primary qualification, so I decided to apply for the job in GMTB Company. But I had still not enough experience and knowledge to cooperate with your company. But now, after a little time from the first acquaintance with your company I believe that I am the proper type of the candidate that you are looking for. Therefore I want to apply.
I wish to be the significant and effective part of your team of the specialists. I want to inquire about the vacancy at the GMTB Company for a natural gas engineer. I am very interested in self-realization, ability to take hard challenges that the job can bring and to acquire senior level position as well.
As a natural gas engineer with the excellent engineering skills and abilities, I am eager to present all my abilities and good expertise to GMTB Company. Due to my special theoretical background and extensive training during my study in the university, I know that I will be able to help GMTB Company to meet all requirements of the customers and to reach any goals, which it will place. I am interested in provision only qualitative and accurate service to the GMTB Company.
Please find attached my resume; you can become familiar with it. Feel free to contact me at any time: phone number: +7(777) 858-55-55 or via email:
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