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Discussion 18 - Coursework Example

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To start with, de defines the situation that had been used for his accusation. He defines the money that had been given to him by the supporters in a manner that everyone feels convinced of what he…
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Discussion 18
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Download file to see previous pages Despite that Nixon got to convince the audience of his transparency, he never made it obvious on how he spent the funds. The main goal of Nixon is hiding along, benefit from the public funds but retain the innocent look. He actually succeeded and this was to be seen in his rise to power in the following general elections.
In 1968, the presidential candidate, Nixon, used his age as the factor to becoming the president of USA. In his argument, the majority of the country’s population was made of the young and therefore needed a young leader. In his argument, the young people makes the most productive population in the country and so did him. The fallacy was used to lure the young voters to think in favor of the candidate based on his age but not his potential performance (Vleet 33). It was used as a masqueraded argument where even the old were convinced that their children would flourish under the leadership of Nixon.
Fallacies influence the hearer in making the wrong decision towards the topic. The hearer is tempted to think that the talker has all the solutions for his or her issues. Fallacies mislead the people as they are convinced by the wrong messages. Fallacies remind me of the presidential race between Obama and Romney. Romney used figures to attack Obama instead of showing his strengths in leading the country for the better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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