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Argument synthesis and analysis - Essay Example

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The two sources were revolutionary products that made the seemingly intimidating and inaccessible world of invention and electronics fun and easy to do. For example, in Makey Makey’s invention kit, it was able to make everyday objects into touchpads whose application is wide…
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Argument synthesis and analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Makey Makey in a way demystified the computer. The hardware and engineering of a computer used to be intimidating that we thought it requires a high degree of understanding electronics and engineering and Makey Makey showed that it does not necessarily need to be so. One can make his or her pet a mouse or replace the keyboard with a banana. This innovation can in fact enable anyone to make his or her own customize computer depending on the application of their preference. If people chose to, they can now make a piano with bananas or stairs as their keyboard.
This invention is already proven in the market and its application is clearly illustrated in the clip. Its claim to replace computer’s input devices such as keyboard and mouse can be done through the use of Arduino although Makey Makey can run through it without understanding what Arduino is. The technology behind Makey Makey is through a “printed circuit board with an ATMega32u4 microcontroller running Arduino Leonardo bootloader. It uses the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol to communicate with your computer, and it can send keypresses, mouse clicks, and mouse movements” (Silver). This explains why a banana or a stairs can be used as a keyboard or piano because it replaces the keyboard and mouse with any object through the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol to communicate with your computer. It is done through the alligator pin where the object suddenly becomes a Human Interface Device.
The technology behind also to make it responsive to human skin including animals, leaves, it used With regard to the use high resistance switching  with a “pull-up resistor of 10-50 mega ohms. This technique attracts noise on the input, so we use a moving window averager to lowpass the noise in software, saving money on hardware filtering. There are six inputs on the front of the board, which can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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