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The essay "Classic and Non Classic Analysis in ‘Likelife’" describes Taxidermy Championship as a culture that astonishes many people in the world. Susan presents the history of World Taxidermy Championship which portrays the concept of classic writing as it refers to classical events. The World Taxidermy Championship became popular in 1882…
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Classic and Non Classic Analysis in Likelife
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ic and non ic analysis in ‘Likelife’ ic style is identified by a collection of techniques which are used by the writer rather than the attitude depicted towards writing (Thomas and Turner 8). ‘Likelife’ presents a mixture of classical and non classical forms of writing in literature as the writer uses these styles to explain the events that took place in the 2003 World Taxidermy Championship. It not only depicts the technique but the passion of the writer towards her topic of discussion. Thomas and Turner refer to this aspect as a concept used in classic style.
Orlean Susan The uses classic style in ‘Likelife’ as she describes the culture portrayed in taxidermy events. This notion depicts the art of classic writing as the writer tends to know what she is scripting before the actual publication. She describes Taxidermy Championship as a culture that astonishes many people in the world. Susan presents the history of World Taxidermy Championship which portrays the concept of classic writing as it refers to classical events. The World Taxidermy Championship became popular in 1882. It was viewed as a culture of the Society of American Taxidermists.
Non classic style is reflected in Orlean’s writing where she presents the transformation of World Taxidermy Championship from being an ordinary cultural event to an economy generating sport (Thomas and Turner 8). This is due to its ability to raise much income annually. Taxidermy is estimated to raise 570million dollars annually. Economic reflection in literature is not a concept used in classic but modern writing as it depicts the influence of pop culture in literature. This form of transition from describing the sport as a traditional cultural practice to an economic event presents the difference between two eras thus depicting the art and role of non classic style as described by Thomas and Turner.
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Thomas, Francis-Noël and Turner, Mark. Clear and Simple as the Truth: Writing Classic Prose (Second Edition). New York. Princeton University Press. 2011. (Print) Read More
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