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Aged men fear young women because of not knowing how they will react when they will try to converse with them. From the story, one can deduce that beautiful ladies…
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The narrator in the story “This Time Last Year” expounds on how age influences the way men interact with women. Aged men fear young women because of not knowing how they will react when they will try to converse with them. From the story, one can deduce that beautiful ladies are very attractive to men, and as a result of this, they confuse men. From the story, one can also deduce that beautiful ladies are found in pubs. Thus, one needs to go the pub in order to win a beautiful lady. It is also evident that men gather courage through consuming alcohol; without consuming alcohol a man cannot approach a lady. The story also brings out the idea that women develop interest on men who are unique in doing things. Additionally, the story evidences the fact that men will always develop interest in women regardless of their age (“Paranoid City” 2014).
The author of the article “Paranoid City” shows that the working together of married people enhances their success in all their activities. It also shows that married people should care for each all the times. The article also shows that it is important for the married people to keep their secrets in life. From article, one can also deduce that both a husband and his wife can participate in un-societal acts knowingly. From article one can also learn that it is important to have protective weapons in the house in order to protect themselves in case of danger. The article also brings out the idea that the night is the best time for committing a crime (“This Time Last Year” 2014).
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