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Businesses are now going into internet advertising as it is the new medium place where a majority of potential customers can be reached. The internet is a fast, quick and a way…
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Global Internet Advertising
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Global Internet Advertising Introduction Global internet advertising is now the in thing in the advertising and marketing world (Taylor, 2013). Businesses are now going into internet advertising as it is the new medium place where a majority of potential customers can be reached. The internet is a fast, quick and a way of advertising to the whole world unlike other adverting mediums like magazines and TV (Coyle, 2002). Moreover, it is relatively cheap to advertise on the internet than on other mediums. However there are some unanswered questions that need further research in the use of global internet advertising. This paper is going to highlight some of the unanswered questions in the global advertising medium.
Although global internet advertising is a good thing to business all over the world there are some areas that need to be further researched. One is that there are privacy concerns on the advertiser’s side and even the potential customers (Tungate, 2013). Business owners when advertising need to prove authenticity of the products or services they are advertising this has caused issues like hackers accessing financial data and employee information via the internet and using it for illegal means (Taylor, 2012). On the customer’s side, some customers have been duped and lied to about keeping their queries or purchases private only for traces to be left that could jeopardize the customer’sreputation and life (St, 2007). This issue needs to be further researched.
Secondly, through the research on global internet advertising, there is an issue of Global Internet Access 100% connectivity and when can it be a reality (Hanafizadeh & Behboudi, 2012). It emerged that the whole world knows about the internet and even about internet advertising but not all people have internet access 100% connectivity (Frith& Mueller, 2010). This is either because of high data and broadband prices, lack of data booster in the regions they are situated or partial network coverage (Kogut, 2004). This means that a lot of business will not be reaching the intended target customers while customers will not get the advertisement that could change their daily lives(Krishnamurthy & OConnor, 2006). Further research should be done to establish when 100%comnncevtivty will be a reality especially in developing worlds.
A final unanswered question that emerged from the research on global internet advertising was the issue of Advertising & technology (Bidgoli, 2004). To advertise on the internet means that one must be able to use a computer and use their own website or use another sites website to advertise (Dhillon & ebrary, 2002). It is a reality that even today not all people know how to use computers and internet leave alone advertising on one (Dholakia, 2002). Conservatively, not all target customers know how to utilize this technology in the form of computers and internet (Information Resources Management Association. &Kherson-Pour, 2001). This issue needs to be further researched so that it can be known how people can globally know how to use technology and advertisement.
Global internet advertising is a blessing to businesses and also to customers. This is because; it is cheap, fast and reaches a large percentage of customers. However, after a research on the issue some unanswered questions emerged. The first unanswered question is the issue of privacy concerns on then advertiser’s side and the customer’s side. Here hackers use the same internet to hack organizations data and customers are also stripped of their privacy. Second unanswered issue is the time frame that it will take for the global world to have 100% internet access connectivity. This is causing imbalances on both sides as advertisers lose clients and clients miss the advertisements. Finally, the last unanswered question is the issue of advertisement and technology. It has emerged that not everybody knows how to use the computer, internet or advertising using technology.
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