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The Style of Writing in Consider the Lobster - Essay Example

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This essay analyses the writing style used in “Consider the Lobster” centers on elements of scene and truth.Wallace writes the essays in a modest, simplified, humorous style. This style is in line with Thomas and Turner’s elements of style in terms of context and factual statements…
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The Style of Writing in Consider the Lobster
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Extract of sample "The Style of Writing in Consider the Lobster"

The Style of Writing in “Consider the Lobster” The writing style used in “Consider the Lobster” centers on elements of scene and truth (Thomas and Turner 17). Wallace writes the essays in a modest, simplified, and humorous style. This style is in line with Thomas and Turner’s elements of style in terms of context and factual statements. This style was rather surprising for most of Wallace’s readers considering they anticipated a showy but also funny style of writing (Wallace 212).
Scenes that evoke reality through humor make Wallace’s work come to life in the writing. This style of writing by Wallace successfully and intensely paints a world that many readers would not easily embrace or favor (Thomas and Turner 22). Each essay presents the features that follow from the author’s stance on the topic. For instance, some of the qualities of an informal and wide style of writing are transparency and ease. In Wallace’s essays, transparency and ease originate from a language that corresponds to views about the purpose of his core argument (Wallace 51).
The Lobster in Wallace’s first essay serves as an exciting shortcut to his mind for his audience. The writer is complacent with the maltreatment of grammar rules and is glad to dedicate over 3,000 words to Kafka’s wit, which is evident through his mildly profane language. At some points, Wallace seems uncertain of the truth and even nervous about it, which Thomas and Turner consider crucial for writing. The essays clearly show inspiration by an imposed duty obliged to attempt to convince an audience of an argument that Wallace is not very knowledgeable about or experienced in to comprehend (Thomas and Turner 27).
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Wallace, David Foster. Consider the Lobster. New York: Back Bay Books, 2007. Read More
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