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The YouTube video streaming shows that the agents walked into the Grand Central Station in New York only to freeze at the same moment. The population of onlookers was astounded by the situation and started making…
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Flash mob
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Flash Mob The first flash mob presents a group of 207 undercover agents. The YouTube video streaming shows that the agents walked into the Grand Central Station in New York only to freeze at the same moment. The population of onlookers was astounded by the situation and started making calls to inquire for help from the state’s security agencies, but while making the mayday calls, the situation resumed to normal and realized that it was a flash mob in its mission. The creation was an intelligence practice to test the people’s reactions.
In the second flash mob, the T-Mobile Dance video seeks to educate the society about the essence of communication. Therefore, the characters involved in actions are seen making calls and later on engaging in a group dance that begins with a single person. The film shows a group of people in different age sets getting amused by the dancers and eventually joining the group (Life’s for Sharing). Since the dancing style is similar amongst all the members, the Life’s for Sharing video evokes an understanding that everybody has importance; thus, the society should seek to relate with them happily.
Another entertaining flash mob video that communicates its effect as desired to the society is the BouncE Streetdance Co. video, which is shot in Stockholm. The video- “Michael Jackson Dance Tribute” draws the attention of the Stockholm community as it involves many youths from different races. The message drawn from the flash mob film is that the legendary singer was a social icon and his life in the entertainment revolved around ethical communication to suit every group of audience.
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