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Michael Jackson - Essay Example

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Introductory passage involves in the subject of the assignment, and provides the information about famous singer and Kind of Pop Michael Jackson. The main body includes the stages and sections of his life…
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Michael Jackson
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Extract of sample "Michael Jackson"

Download file to see previous pages The last section forms concluding response to this problem. The method used is particularized examination of the literature together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic.
Michael Joseph Jackson was also known as a King of Pop or the Icon of the Pop Music. This was considered to be an outstanding personality in the dimension of music in general and pop in particular. Strange stories together with personal and materialistic difficulties always occurred in his way. What was more, health problems with a constant pain remained to be a part of his life. A huge amount of hurdles chased him during his life; still, people always expressed admire and appreciation to Michael. He was a favourite for millions of people and idol for the entire world.
Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in the common family of American workers (Borsboom, 2011, p.7). He was a black boy and a sevenths child in the family with strong rules and regulations. He always liked to perform since the early ages and tried to do it if some opportunities took place (Borsboom, 2011, p.11). At the age of 5 he started to perform at “a Christmas recital” in front of his classmates (Borsboom, 2011, p.11). This was a first try in his career as a singer and dancer.
In 1964 Michael together with his brother Marlon joined the Jackson Brothers, and in a few years he started singing lead with his brother Jermaine in this band (Borsboom, 2011, p.11). His first serious performance on the professional scene was realized in 1968 when Michael appeared as a member of band that was called The Jackson 5 (Borsboom, 2011, p.11). That was an important step in his career as a vocalist and pop-singer, as it gave him the first serious experience and first essential lessons.
It should be admitted that The Jackson 5 experienced a great fame in teenage people what was remained to be unusual in for African-American band (Borsboom, 2011, p.11). With ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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