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(1973) is a figure of speech where an object is used to represent another object or an idea. Metaphor is described by Maria M, Selva A. (1988), as comparison of two things according to their resemblance. In poetry, symbolism and metaphor are…
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Symbolism and Metaphor in Poetry
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Symbolism and metaphor in poetry Symbolism and metaphor in poetry Symbolism according to Juhasz, S. (1973) is a figure of speech where an object is used to represent another object or an idea. Metaphor is described by Maria M, Selva A. (1988), as comparison of two things according to their resemblance. In poetry, symbolism and metaphor are used to explain emotions, relationship and feelings as in the poem Facing It by Yusef K. (1988).
According to the poem Facing It by Yusef K. (1988), metaphor has been used in many occasions. “I’m stone. I’m flesh”. Stone symbolizes the strong and powerful but flesh symbolizes the other side of his heart that feels pain due to discrimination about his color. “Black granite” symbolizes the hard and unbreakable nature of the poet.
In the second stanza of the poem Facing It by Yusef K. (1988), “My clouded reflection eyes me like a bird of prey” is symbolism in simile form. Here the poet symbolizes how bad and shameful he feels when he recalls the past suffering days that are not worth remembering. “Light” has been used to express hope for a good future. The poet also says “The profile of night slanted against morning”. Night here symbolizes the bad past which highly depends on a brighter future which is symbolized by morning.
“I’m a window” is another instance of metaphor in the poem Facing It by Yusef K. (1988). Window is used to show that by looking at the poet, people remember the past. “Smoke”has also been used in the fourth stanza to imply faded and unclear letters. This shows that he is desperate in his options.“Red bird’swings” is used in the fifth stanza to symbolize a plane. “Black mirror” has also been used in the sixth stanza of the poem as a symbol of a reflection of the hard times in the past.
From the use of symbolism and metaphor in the poem Facing It by Yusef K. (1988), different themes are clearly brought out. The theme of hope and expectation is brought out when the poet says he is “depending on the light to make a difference”. He hopes morning will come and he will make changes where he can. The theme of racism is also evident. “A white vet’s image floats” is used to symbolize that the white are highly rated to the extent of using plane than the blacks who only deal with stones as shown by “My black face fades hiding inside the black granite”. It is clear that the black are viewed as people with no abilities to do anything substantial.
In conclusion, symbolism and metaphor are essential aspects of poetry as explained by Timpane J. Watts M. & San Francisco State University. (2001). This is because they add the flavor in the poem thus making poems more interesting, make is easy for poets to pass their messages clearly, and are economic in word use.
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Symbolism and Metaphor in Poetry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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