Relationships shared among family and friends - Assignment Example

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Relationships shared among family and friends are important building blocks for one’s character and future. My family has always been a source of support and has helped me in different situations in my life. …
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Relationships shared among family and friends
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[Teacher’s Relationships Relationships shared among family and friends are important building blocks for one’s character and future. My family has always been a source of support and has helped me in different situations in my life. College was always going to be challenging as I had to adjust to a different environment. My family is very positive towards my college life; however, they have some fears that I may be negatively influenced by my peers. The fear is mainly from my mother who has always been overprotective. However, my father is very supportive and tries to allow me to make my own decisions. He always states that his role is to guide, but the decisions I make are up to me. I am very grateful for the approach my father takes as it has helped me become more independent and mature. It is this approach that enabled me to settle in college well among individuals of different backgrounds and characters.
However, the nature of my friendship with my old friends has changed since I started college. This is mainly because I have less time to communicate with my friends from High School. Furthermore, I spend more time with other people who I am getting closer to as we share the same interests and future goals. Sometimes I miss my old friends due to the history and understanding we share. Technology has made it easier to stay in touch, and when I experience difficulties emotionally, I always turn to my old, close friends for advice and moral support. Read More
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