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Analysis Of The Book The Cider House Rules - Essay Example

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The paper "Analysis Of The Book The Cider House Rules" detailed analyzes the key points of the John Irving's book plot. This story can be described as a coming-of-age story. The writer of the paper shares own impressions and makes conclusions about this book…
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Analysis Of The Book The Cider House Rules
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Download file to see previous pages  When Homer learns about Larch's secrets- him secretly being an abortionist, driven by the sight of the black-alley horrors- he considers it morally wrong. He befriends Candy Kendall, a couple to Wally Worthington, who need an abortion. He leaves and goes with them to Wally's family's orchard. He develops the love for Candy secretly (Irving 78). They get a child together- Angel. After he knows of Larch’s death, he goes back to St. Clouds as a show his heroism nature; he maintains his dislike for abortions. However, he honors the choice of his parents and continues Dr. Wilbur's legacy.  Even though he has all the training to be an obstetrician and gynecologist and has adequate knowledge on performing abortions, he goes ahead and objects to the latter.  He refuses completely to do them (Irving 34). He is questioned repeatedly throughout this film, on this subject, and he responds to this by declining to perform the abortions with a reason that he is not formally trained as a doctor, and that they are illegal. He hopes for a day to come when abortions will be legal, free, and safe when he'll no longer be obliged to perform them (Irving 66). We can describe The Cider House Rules as a coming-of-age story. These tales trail a character from babyhood to adulthood, all the way through his/her moral knowledge, until as a hero; he/she finds a place in life. A true hero, like Homer, is the one who takes decisive action in finding out his/her destiny or fate (Irving 44). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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