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Impression of view - Movie Review Example

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The “Searching for Sugar Man” directed by Malik Bendjelloul in 2012 is one of the classic documentary films whose incredible story touches the audience in a number of ways. Searching for sugar man movie is primarily based on an incredible true story of Rodriguez. The…
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Impression of view
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Download file to see previous pages A bootleg South African phenomenon presented two South African fans who sort to find the roots of South African apartheid rule and what happened to their superhero (Bendjelloul 1). This paper critically examines how and why the story of searching for sugar man appealed to the audience.
Many of the lyrics of Rodriguez told of the daily challenges of the homeless and the working poor and the story of a society that was in decline “Cause.” While Rodriguez was deemed as a commercial failure at home, his rock musical records were extremely popular in South Africa.. His intriguing story particularly touched many of his audience. For example, as an artist, Rodriguez artist message considering his talents could have firstly been welcomed in his birthplace more than anywhere in the world. Throughout its performance, the story has in numerous occasions sparked standing ovation with some members of audience left cheering and crying. One of the ways through which the story touches the audience is the use of Rodriguez’s outstanding music characterized by prophetic lyrics and soulful melodies. “He is like a poet and from his lyrics, I know his sorrow.” …. “Because I lost my job two weeks before Christmas........”(From the song “cause”).
Additionally, being one of the greatest rock and pop music icon by 1970s, the use of Rodriguez’s music may have contributed to the Searching for Sugar Man’s captivating touch on the audience. Generally, Bendjelloul’s film provided the fans of the “Searching for Sugar Man” with the continued inspiration that they needed. The inspirational content rediscovered in Sixto music finally would be touchy. For someone to blindly follow your musical career routes, you must have been a greater influence in their lives. Segerman is a music store owner. As much as he lacks the knowledge of recording and distribution, he feels touched by Rodriguez expertise in the entertainment industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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