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The advertisement has photographic designs of how the mobile phone looks both the rear, the front view. In addition, there is a zoomed photographic design of the phone screen, another photo on…
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Language and Mode
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Language and mode Text A Text A is an advertisement of the nokia phone, model 7650 that is very captivating. The advertisement has photographic designs of how the mobile phone looks both the rear, the front view. In addition, there is a zoomed photographic design of the phone screen, another photo on the advertisement of the phone a person whose facial expressions portray those of a shocked, surprised or a speechless person.
This facial expression defines the whole phone, that is the beauty of the phone and the features leaves one speechless surprised and shocked. This figure captures the reader even before noticing what is being advertised.
Once reading the text, the mode of writing and the language itself captures the reader even more, for example, the first phrase says, “Some moments are so stunning they live you speechless.” The facial expression defines the phrase; it shows that the phone is so stunning leaving one speechless. The writer continues to give more information about the phone. This information about the features captivates the reader.
Another mode for capturing the reader is the “club nokia,” this may interest the reader as it shows an advantage of owning a nokia phone. It explains how one can enjoy the fun of photo editing, photo sharing with ease.
Some vocabularies used in the advert, which capture the reader, include; stunning, which means extremely attractive, in these case defines the uniqueness of the phone. The other word is speechless meaning unable to speak after temporary result of shock; in this case, it expresses the reaction after seeing the phone
Test B
Test B is an advertisement of the virgin mobile phone network, which is very captivating. The advert has only one photographic design of a beautiful woman lying on a bed, the photographic design captivates the reader immediately making him want to know the meaning of the advertisement. The lady defines the first writers statement that includes the words “great seducer” which in this case is the girl laying in a seductive posture
The writer uses very captivating words and quotes, some of the captivating vocabularies include; great seducer which means a figure or a feature which makes something very attractive, in these case the “great seducer is the 10 pound discount offer on phones and 15 pound free airtime. Another vocabulary is “deep reverie” which means pleasant thoughts that make one forget what he or she is doing. In these advert deep reverie means that the offers are too good they will make the reader forget what he or she is doing.
The writer continues to use captivating statements at the bottom of the page where the words used to define yet another offer and the general price the phone network costs. The phrase “I spurn my unloving network” defines the ability of the company
The words in the writers first and the second phrase defines the whole advertisement, the picture captivates the reader, but the phrases, besides their captivating nature gives the reader the whole idea on the advert, and the offers made by the Virginia mobile phone network
Work cited
Sandrock, Paul, and Elvira Swender. Performance Descriptors for Language Learners (2012). Print. Read More
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Language and Mode Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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