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The Cosby show - Essay Example

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The purpose of the paper is to analyze how gender, race and social class are portrayed in the TV show.
This popular network situation comedy started in the year 1984 that…
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The Cosby show
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Extract of sample "The Cosby show"

The Cosby Show Introduction The Cosby Show is regarded as the one of the most beloved and popular television series of all time. The purpose of the paper is to analyze how gender, race and social class are portrayed in the TV show.
This popular network situation comedy started in the year 1984 that effectively altered the approach of race and gender roles on TV. Bill Cosby is the star and producer of the show, who reflected that the black community must take their responsibility of their fate. The show portrayed black family optimistically and showed positivity of life. Furthermore, Cosby tried to state that Black Americans are treated same as other Americans of United States (Kunjufu, 2002). The aspects that are portrayed in The Cosby Show are essential to the Black culture. This includes black universities, colleges, the Black art that was placed specifically on the Walls of the famous Huxatable house, artist of the jazz music are shown in every episode. These aspects are continuously acknowledged and portrayed blackness in such a way that it has not yet been seen by any other black viewers. The show reconfigured the industrialized and artistic spaces through which illustration and symbol of black on modern television are fabricated. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the show influenced and created huge impact on black consciousness and provided positive message about the experience of Black people. Bill Cosby and producers tried to downplay the issue of race in a brilliant way and expected that audiences are mature and sensible enough to look at the past problems that make every person different from other.
This can be concluded that the show challenged the aspect of stereotyping of television on classic gender and tried to redefine the role of female and male.
Kunjufu, J. (2002). Black Students- Middle Class Teachers. New York: African American Images.
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