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This essay stresses that the mission provides a holistic approach of going about the management of the museum. It takes care of both the students as well as the surrounding community. The director's idea of travelling exhibition is effective while the aspect of occasional controversial exhibits is ideal. …
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Central City Museum
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As a director of the Central City Museum, I would prefer the mission proposed by the university administrator. The mission provides a holistic approach of going about the management of the museum. It takes care of both the students as well as the surrounding community. In addition, his idea of travelling exhibition is cost effective while the aspect of occasional controversial exhibits is ideal. This is because it takes care and appreciates nearly all the available cultural groups (Plunkett, Attner, & Allan 421).
I would take the initiative of resolving the underlying conflicts surrounding the key stakeholders. I would create a forum that encompasses all of them and categorically convince them that the purpose and direction that the museum should take is to benefit both the school and the community. I would inform them that the approach is cost effective and cut across because it takes care of the interest of nearly every one of them.
To implement this mission, I would contact the major museums in the region with the aim of creating travelling exhibition. Furthermore, I would sensitize and encourage students and the community to display their cultures during the cultural exhibitions that will be organized by the museum. Lastly, I would create a section that is accessible to both the students and the community that only deals with the current events.
The main concept of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity today is to eliminate any form of discrimination at the place of work by embracing diversity. In addition, it is a requirement for every business organization to implement a formal affirmative action plan as directed by executive order 11246 that is found in the 1973 Rehabilitation Act (Phillips).
At my place of work, both interpersonal and organizational are sources of barrier towards timely communication. They include ‘emotional noise’ caused by attitude, poor or even outdated communication equipment that is sometimes used to relay information, stereotyping others based on their cultural backgrounds. Fondness of other employees to make hurried conclusions and assumptions together with the lack of well-designed communication structure at my workplace is other timely communication barriers.
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