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The inability of the 24 year to read and spell high frequency words can be traced to his childhood experience. Phonemic recognition according to Adams (1990) determines how a child…
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Planning my assignment on a case study of child typical development
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Case Study of Child Typical Development Case Study of Child Typical Development Focusing on the two case studies, it is evidenton how the two students lack cognitive abilities. The inability of the 24 year to read and spell high frequency words can be traced to his childhood experience. Phonemic recognition according to Adams (1990) determines how a child develops literacy skills. The 24 year old lacks this concept; this implies that his childhood surrounding was unsupportive hence contributing to his low development. This explains why the student shows little literacy traits. Self-esteem is an aspect experienced in both young children and adolescents. Low self-esteem is triggered by the child’s inability to interact academically with his peers. Peccei (2006) identify schemas as the bridging gaps between low literacy levels and improvements. The one on one assistance issued to the student acts as a schema based on Piaget theory to literacy development.
The 17 year old lacks organisational skills that are essential to literacy development. There is need to identify the student’s environment and plan based on these environments. Cognitive abilities enable students to identify tasks and perform them based on priorities and allocation. The environment around the child if effective, this is enhanced by the fact that both the teachers and parents are interested in his development. In assisting the student, various aspects would be considered. Basic cognitive abilities need to be identified upon which literacy development stages would be introduced to the student to enhance his learning. Once the student identifies priorities, different study schedule should be designed. This will enable the student identify the key areas of development and perfect on them.
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