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Investing in information technology systems today is one of the most effective ways of stimulating efficiency in corporate firms. This project…
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Activity Report
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Activity Report The information management system aims at providing an efficient way to develop a database for the organization training activities. Investing in information technology systems today is one of the most effective ways of stimulating efficiency in corporate firms. This project takes care of the economical, technical aspects and challenges of implementing a new system (Smith, David, Kelly, and Nowacki 29). To begin with, the project will require only 11 members of the technical staff to implement. This will ensure that the project remains cost effective to avoid excessive resource use. Time is an important aspect of any project as it dictates the amount of resource used and the time within which services can be accessed. Optimally, the project will require two months and one week for completion. To achieve this, independent activities of the project will run parallel while dependent activities will run one after the other. Running the programs parallel will ensure that we follow the critical path and the project is complete within the shortest time.
However, we anticipate a number of challenges while implementing this project. To begin with, the expect user difficulties in using this software. For instance, the users may face the challenges of working with a new mail system. To ensure that the project is successful, the project team will train all the employees on how to use the system, and the technical staff will handle the specific challenges that arise thereafter. Intensive training will ensure that all employees can safely work with software and that they can learn it as quick as possible (Smith, David, Kelly and Nowacki 45). In addition, we anticipate that a number of errors will arise during the implementation stage. The software team will monitor the process to correct all software errors as soon as they arise.
In this light, we believe that the project will roll out in a smooth manner and will have optimal benefits to the organization. On the other hand, it is recommendable that the employees co-work with the implementation team so that they learn any arising issues as soon as possible. In addition, it is recommendable that the management team co-works with the software development team to foresee any challenges for correction before implementing the project. On this ground, we invite the corporate board to grant this project as part of its commitment to development the information technology system in the organization.
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