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Looking at it, right from the beginning one can say that the poem is all about two people who love each other. One can easily conclude how the love between two people conquers everything.
I however feel that the poet not only…
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Two In the poem, ‘two’ the poet talks about love. Looking at it, right from the beginning one can say that the poem is all about two people who love each other. One can easily conclude how the love between two people conquers everything.
I however feel that the poet not only talks about love between two people but God’s love as well. On a deeper analysis, I feel that the author also seeks God’s knowledge in understanding love and His word. He not only talks about two people who love and know each other but also about love between those who do not know each other because they are blinded. When he says ‘two, hopefully you and me’ I feel that the author is uncertain about some things and therefore, asks that his blindness be taken away. When the author asks God to give him all-seeing blindness, I feel that he seeks the wisdom from God so that he can love and live in the way that God wants. The author is seeking answers that he believes will prevent him from perishing in the world where people attach meanings to things and words such as love in order to suit their needs.
I feel that the poem acknowledges how love is misused and strives to make people understand. The author narrates that love is not all about what is said but can be interpreted non-verbally. That regardless of tough situations that arise, love is not supposed to be shaken because it comes without any price. The poem is pleasant and enthusiastic; it uses a creative style to evoke emotions related to love. In conclusion, I feel that the poem is purposefully meant to educate and create a deeper understanding about love. Read More
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