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In his article, “Living Environments,” Friedman devotes his effort to the professional demonstration and portrayal of the design of reasonably priced houses in Canada. Here,…
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Used a different classification method to describe types of living environments
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A Different ification Method for Describing Types of Living Environments Designing the interior of affordable housesis a matter close to the heart of author Avi Friedman. In his article, “Living Environments,” Friedman devotes his effort to the professional demonstration and portrayal of the design of reasonably priced houses in Canada. Here, Friedman says assists those who share sentiments about the interior environment of houses in classifying them for organization purposes. Being a renowned housing professional, Friedman watches the prices of houses with dismay as the opportunities for making them long-term residences for the future residents fall on him. Friedman helped me come up with three common classes of upper class, middle class, and low class living environments that I will discuss in the following paper.
The low class of a household considers the house a gallery. The house obviously should be clean and organized. The position of each item, whether hanging, resting, or on the floor is extremely composed (Friedman 127). The color scheme harmonizes with the excellent lighting of the room. Such a design should make one feel experience something similar to one of the images shown in any edition of the “Architectural Digest.” The latest styles, expert touches, and thoroughly chosen pieces are the marks of the low class.
Under the middle class, practicality is the main theme. Middle classes are minimalists who believe in just acquiring what is needed and ignoring or discarding anything supplementary. Concerns about the surrounding play a vital role when purchasing commodities with extremely few properly chosen items (Friedman 159). Such a household will take pleasure in portraying souvenirs from a recent trip along with hanging some framed images or paintings. A middle class household will refrain from too much consumption and will attempt to fit as much utility as possible from every item.
Lastly, the household of an upper class individual or family is full of both necessary and complementary things. Finding extra space or room on a wall for hanging pieces of art in such a household becomes difficult for a designer. Reading material is scattered across the room (Friedman 171). Paper cutouts and memory notes are jammed under magnets on the fridge and stuck on walls in other rooms. An upper class resident appears to focus less on the appearance of the house and more on coziness. Reducing stress is nearly a slogan for an upper class household. As a result, an exceptionally clean show house is not a priority for those in the upper class group. For instance, putting dishes in the sink after every meal is not a main concern so long as they do not interrupt or prevent any activity or anyone.
Friedman has taught me that several homeowners have been making too much effort to outdo ways of living and furnishings that are truly their own styles. The infinite decorating advertising and episodes depicting on new media offer a tempting chance to turn into another person. Many homeowners come under too much pressure and they eventually fee as if an extreme makeover is necessary instead of growing into their natural decors. Friedman teaches that the interior of houses can be simple. With the classes of low class, middle class, and upper class, I can assist homeowners in picking a living environment that suits them.
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Friedman, Avi. The Adaptable House: Designing Homes for Change. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2002. Read More
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