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International Students who have F-1 visa type could not work freely in the United States, and as a result of this, they might struggle during their studies. As usual, a student residing in a foreign country needs an apartment or a university dorm to live in. Unfortunately,…
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International students could not work in the US
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International Could not Work in the US. International who have F visa type could not work freely in the United States, and as a result of this, they might struggle during their studies. As usual, a student residing in a foreign country needs an apartment or a university dorm to live in. Unfortunately, access to such a facility results to financial challenges that will affect the academic progress of a student depending either on his/her scholarship that might just cover his tuition or on his/her family that is not working. In addition, an international student without a scholarship aid undergoes more difficulties in pursuing his or her academic endeavors compared with those with scholarship aid. Lack of money as a result of inability to work might limit the credit hours of a student which may also lead to extension of the duration of getting degree. Moreover, this work restriction law may make some international students to work in illegal stores or indulge in illegal activities that might result to other problems (“International Students and Social Security Numbers. Social Security Administration” 1).
It is as a result of this problem that institutions that started offering job opportunities to international students in areas such as bookstore, the library, and the physical plant within the campus. Some institutions also allowed international students to work in the cafeteria, media services, and in other departments in the campus. However, working in such areas also required one to have a Social Security number. Social Security number aid significantly in addressing international students’ unemployment problem. “Social Security numbers enable the U.S. government to monitor a person’s wages along determining eligibility for Social Security benefits” (Lewis & Clark 1). Therefore, it is advisable for international students willing to work in the U.S. to apply for a Social Security number. However, they should first contact designated school officials for international students in order to determine if they are eligible to work on campus before applying for the Social Security number.
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