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Literary theory - Book Report/Review Example

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Mainly the poet is out to show the feeling that is brought about by love. There are a number of psychological components discussed by Jung. These are majorly the archetypes that are associated with the events and experiences of the…
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Literary theory
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Extract of sample "Literary theory"

Analysis of the poem “last night” by Sharon Olds The poem concentrates around the theme of love. Mainly the poet is out to show the feeling that is brought about by love. There are a number of psychological components discussed by Jung. These are majorly the archetypes that are associated with the events and experiences of the previous night after waking up the previous morning. They may be dreams or real happenings (28).
The acts of love as are reflected in most of the ideas and myths in other stories are exposed. The poet focuses on the strong feeling that is realized with the aspect of love and probably sex foe the first time. It is linked to a strong heat of passion. This is depicted through the use of imagination in both the physical and mental element in “like violent hands clasped tight” (15).
The great height of security that comes with the love experienced in the last night is also shown. The uses of symbolism and imagination helps to explain this intense feeling. For instance, the port explains that the experience is similar to 100 degrees at noon (3). It also acts to reveal the mixed aspects and the combination of both masculine and feminist aspects. With this, it indicates that love is an element that cannot be felt by one person but has to be shared between people.
Additionally, as the aspect of love is reflected in most works, the poet also attempts to show that with this feeling, there is some aspect of craziness. This is shown with the use of irony. The poet says “then I refuse to remember the way a drunkard forgets” (19-20).
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Olds, Sharon. Last night. An anthology of poems. 1996. Print Read More
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