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The Greatest Nature Essays Ever - Essay Example

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That is true. Simply surviving is not enough. Excellence should be the main objective not only of Chinese parents but also of the children. Imagine the pressure that great expectations put on the tender…
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The Greatest Nature Essays Ever
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Download file to see previous pages Sometimes, we also feel tired of the demands of our parents, the world and even our trusted friends, from us. Sometimes, with all the difficulties I go through and the expectations of my parents from me, I feel so all alone. Many times, I wanted to give up but many times, I am thankful that I have places like Repulse Bay where I can find comfort and strength.
Repulse Bay is a beautiful place in Hong Kong which attracts many people every day. It is a busy area where merchants bring their goods from other places. Although many modern structures are built around the bay, it still looks magnificent so that many local and foreign tourists go to the place. Among the uncountable visitors, I have been one of those who went there, appreciating and loving its beauty. Repulse Bay for me is more than a tourist attraction. It also served as my teacher in so many ways.
As a young child, I always wanted to go to Repulse Bay because my experiences there were always enjoyable. My parents bought me things and I get to eat all the food that I wanted. I loved the busyness of the place. All the people there seemed to be happy, with bright smiles and cheerful moods, enjoying everything that was happening. I especially loved the place because it feels like home. There are many big buildings around so I know that I am not very far away from the modern world that I have been accustomed to. As I grew up, I went out to the bay with my friends. We went there to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and I can say; I always enjoyed the place and the friends who were just wonderful. I was able to enjoy many activities in the place, knowing that at the end of the day, I will be safe and comfortable again in my own bedroom.
However, life is not always comfortable. Still, it is a good thing to have somewhere to go that one considers as a place of comfort. The greatest thing that really happened to my relationship with Repulse Bay was not when I was with my family who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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