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This increases difficulty in safe handling which can pause a threat of electric shock to the handler. Heavy insulation proves to be an expensive material to implement (Grigsby, 2013).
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AC and DC

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Download file to see previous pages Consequently the transformers also convert very high voltages into lower voltages which is suitable for use with home appliances, for example, refrigerators, TVs and electric lamps (Keljik, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Investigation into operating characteristics of DC-AC Three-Phase Generators and Motors

...1- Executive Summary: - DC and AC machines both Motors and Generators have been used for the purpose of converting Electric power to mechanical and mechanical power to electric power respectively. There are two types of these machines AC and DC. Similarly they can be single phase or three phased. A DC or AC machine can be used as a motor or a generator. If the electric power is fed to the armature of an electric machine it will produce flux. The flux produced by that reacts with the field flux. When these fluxes react lines of forces are cut and an induced torque is produced and the rotor of the machine starts rotating. In such condition the machine is called a Motor. Similarly if the field flux is present and the rotor conductors... the...
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...our business plan in front of the whole college. This way I proved my worth to my team members. With this approach I can narrate incidents like this to my interviewer and prove why I deserve this job more than anyone else. Market research analyst will be a bright opening for me as I want to excel and grow further in research. References 1) Iaccarino, G. 2000, Computer Assisted Career-Guidance Systems. In Luzzo, D A. (Ed.) Career Counseling of College Students. American Psychological Association Press, Washington, DC. 2) McCrudden, D. 2008, Social & Economic Benefits of Career Planning. National Institute of Certified College Planners, Las Vegas, NV. 3) McCrudden, D. 2009, Computer Assisted Career Planning for High School...
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DC Circuit Basics

...Question 1. A parallel-plate capacitor holds 10 μC of charge on each plate when connected to a 12 V battery. If you were to slide a dielectric between the plates while the battery maintains the voltage at 12 V, the capacitor would hold a. more than 10 μC of charge b. less than 10 μC of charge c. the same 10 μC of charge Question 2 1. Explain your reasoning for the previous question.  How did you come to choose this answer? The relation linking charge, capacitance and voltage is: Q=CV, where Q is charge, C is Capacitance and V is Voltage In this case ‘V’ is kept as constant at 12V. However, due to inclusion of dielectric between the plates, the capacitance of the capacitor has increased. In simple terms, capacitance... 1. A...
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Discussion Board 1 AC

...Kiowa People by Scott Momaday tells the story of the ancient tribe called Kiowa to which his grandmother belonged. Firstly he concentrates on the landscapes where the people lived and finds some correlation between the places and the mentality of the tribe. He seems to feel great affection to each place he describes, like every detail acquires some specific meaning for him: “The long yellow grass on the mountain shone in the bright light, and a scissortail hied above the land”. He stops on colors, textures, sounds of the environment around him. Momaday seems to feel some nostalgia accompanied with some eternal sadness, but not the sadness which appears when something is gone for good. His blue mood is calm and simple, he wants... People by...
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Parallel DC circuits

... Introduction to Robotics and Electronics: Parallel DC circuits Understanding how electrical circuits work is important in the design of electrical appliances that are more efficient in power consumption. One of the ways of understanding electrical circuits is through simulation software. In this Lab, NI Multisim software is used to study various electrical waveforms. The sine wave, a square wave and the triangular waveforms were careful displayed using NI Multisim software. The peak to peak Voltage and the peak voltages were determined from the graphs obtained, and the periodic time of the waves determined. The electrical power for a simulated circuit was defined. Hence, NI Multisim is an essential software that enables the user... The peak...
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Washington monument ( Washington DC )

...Washington Monument (Washington DC) The development of important construction projects is related to a series of issues. The potential of the projects’ designers to develop plans that are feasible and effective is depended not only on the designers’ competencies but also on the social and economic conditions of the particular era. The Washington Monument was constructed in a period rather difficult for the US: it was the period before and during the Civil War. Despite the adverse social and economic environment the monument has become a key element of US history highlighting the principles and values on which US has been based. The analysis of the monument’s terms of constructions reveals that the developers of this...
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On the Efficiency of AC/DC: Bon Scott versus Brian Johnson

...AC/DC Band: Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson AC/DC Band: Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson The research question is an inquiry into who is a better vocalist in the AC/DC band between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. Many researchers consider the differences between the two singers to decide the best rock music vocalist. Scott was the lead vocalist in the 1970s and he died in 1980 after producing seven albums. Similarly, Johnson joined the AC/DC rock band in 1980 to replace Scott. Johnson featured as the main vocalist in nine albums produced even into the 1900s. The Scott versus Johnson competition to establish the best...
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Speed control of DC and AC machines

...6005ELE Lab report: Speed Control of DC and AC Machines Insert Insert Introduction The components that make up the DC motor including the stator and rotor winding which are separately excited, in this case, have independent DC voltage sources. The speed ranges from zero up to motor max speed rating is a feature that requires feeding the armature windings with power through a rectifier. A rectifier made available for such a function is one that allows variations of voltage henceforth leading to variation in motor rotary speed. The use of feedback to obtain speed control of a motor is not a necessity in the case of using the rectifier to feed the armature winding. Speed...
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...AC Project al Affiliation: AC Project Memo Our department is glad to present the proposed budget for our next business year. Our team of programmers and system specialist are focused on continuing to play their role of updating division’s software. To play this critical role, the department has come up with a budget which we hope will be approved. Our next year’s budget sums up to $3208500. Due to the increased need for competent programmers and system analysts, and their increased average wage demands, we will require $2640000. This amount will ensure that we have a highly qualified and competent team. We have set a budget of $ 132000 for software expenses. The cost includes an allowance that will cater...
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...PHYSICS ASSIGNMENT Task a) Inductive reactance XL = 2fL Given f= 100 Hz, L=105.3mH=105.3 x 10-3 H = 2 x 100 x 105.3 x 10-3 = 66.162 Ω (b) (impedance)2= (resistance)2 + (reactance)2 = (45)2 + (66.162)2 = 6402.41 Impedance = 6402.41 = 80 Ω (c) Current =  =  = 1.25 A (d) Potential difference across resistor VR = IR = 1.25 x 45 = 56.25 V (e) Potential difference across inductor VL= I XL = 1.25 x 66.162 = 82.7 VAR (f) Phase between supply voltage and current is given by tan-1() = tan-1( ) = 55.8° (g) With 25F capacitor connected in series, Current... ASSIGNMENT Task a)...
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