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Dental Braces - Essay Example

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Patients now have a variety of options when it is about braces to maintain their bright smile. There are traditional metal braces and newly developed invisalign…
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Dental Braces
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Download file to see previous pages These metal braces usually consist of small metal wires and brackets that are joined and bonded with each tooth. These are the braces which generally people picture as they hear about braces. They consist of metal wires which are attached to brackets that are fixed to each tooth in a row. These wires can be tightened or loosened by the orthodontists according to the need of the patient and they can provide control to the straightening process of the teeth. Their most distinctive feature is that they are visible metal wires that are sometimes considered embarrassing or a sign for ill dental health (Krishnan 2).
The other type of braces is the modern type called invisalign. They are called invisalign because they are invisible and are aligned to the teeth as they are custom made. This option is suitable for most of the patients as it is a modern type of braces and it is worn and replaced every two weeks. There is no need of wires or metal brackets as the aligners are made of plastic. These aligners move the teeth into place and straighten them progressively. The treatment and the straightening process from these invisaligners take about 1 and a half years maximum (Carson 70). These invisaligners are the best alternative to traditional braces and are widely used nowadays. However, there are several limitations that hinder the widespread usage of these modern braces and complete elimination of the metal braces (Carson 70).
Metal braces and invisalign braces both have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the metal braces over the modern type of braces can still be figured out and valued. The most important advantage is that the traditional metal braces are less expensive. In an era where the healthcare facilities are reaching new heights, patients find it easier to buy the less expensive type of braces. These braces also provide control to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dental Braces Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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