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Mass production for ordinary consumers (Thesis- I believe that mass production of food by companies for consumers are putting the life of individual at risk - Essay Example

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And now wondering through the aisles we hardly imagine that few decades ago people went to the butcher to buy some meat and to the bakery to buy fresh bread while fishers provided consumers with fish…
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Mass production for ordinary consumers (Thesis- I believe that mass production of food by companies for consumers are putting the life of individual at risk
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Extract of sample "Mass production for ordinary consumers (Thesis- I believe that mass production of food by companies for consumers are putting the life of individual at risk"

Mass Production of Food Daily shopping in supermarkets has become an essential part of people`s lives. And now wondering through the aisles we hardly imagine that few decades ago people went to the butcher to buy some meat and to the bakery to buy fresh bread while fishers provided consumers with fish and farmers with good vegetables. Today local production has been entirely substituted by mass production and supermarkets which offer packages with butter and fruits not to mention French fries, pizza, and beverages. This may look like as evolution of consumerism as it saves money and guarantees stability of quality but I believe that mass production of food by companies for consumers are putting the life of individual at risk.
Most obviously mass production of food was reasonable and necessary at the times of industrialization when many people were moving from villages to cities. It helped to provide all classes of population with cheap food of a decent quality because it was made under uniformed conditions. However, as a result all local production has become less and less profitable and local cuisine has ceased to exist (Local Shops 1). In all the regions of the United states people can buy Domino`s pizza with the same taste and eat McDonald`s cheeseburgers. Moreover, in all the countries of the world it is possible to buy Coca–Cola and Lay`s and be sure that their taste is absolutely familiar. Supermarkets took places of small bakeries and vegetable stores turning people into robots who do not differentiate between a chicken from a neighborhood farm and a chicken from a big factory. It makes people less aware of what they are eating and it influences their health.
As food giants tend to sell as many products as possible they need to save money on ingredients. It is no wonder that food made on factories and prepared in fast food restaurant chains is not expensive and good looking. First, it mostly contains fats, sodium, and sugar that are harmful for health. Moreover, there is a necessity to guarantee that almost all food will be sold that is why food giants make everything possible to extend the shelf life of the products. A number of additives are supposed to make food look more appealing. However, such ingredients as olestra, aspartame, artificial colors and flavors, monosodium glutamate, saccharin, sodium nitrate, sulfites, cyclamate, caffeine, BHA, BHT and acesulfame-potassium, are not natural and can evoke allergic reaction (Bruso 1).
Mass production and fast food industry are considered to be the primary reasons of health problems in America. There is a direct connection between calories and overweight problem, but what is more important the quality of calories also matters. For instance, children`s obesity has increased over recent decades dramatically, and many specialists connect it to mass production food and fast food industry. The level of chemicals and additives has become very high, and the majority of food is provided packed and canned. This leaves no space for healthy food such as vegetables, grains, nuts and creates wrong eating habits in people (Cluss et al., 15).
Therefore, mass production of food is not the best way of food industry evolution. It eliminates local production and makes all food unified and tasteless. Such changes leave no space for local cuisine development. Moreover, prepackaged and fast food products are produced with extra-long shelf life that is why they contain excessive number of additives, fats, and sugar. Mass products most often contain harmful calories that can easily lead to overwheith, obesity and connected health problems.
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