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The main plot of it revolved around two police officers disguised as high school students to capture synthetic drug (HFS) dealer and supplier from among the teenagers of a high school…
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Compare and Contrast Paper. 21 Jump Street
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Number] 21 Jump Street Compare and Contrast Essay Action comedy Movie “21Jump Street” has been a renowned and block buster film of 2012. The main plot of it revolved around two police officers disguised as high school students to capture synthetic drug (HFS) dealer and supplier from among the teenagers of a high school. Schmdit (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) after admitting as high school students had to blend in among students to catch the supplier and for that they needed help of the most popular student Eric. Eric the HFS provider in school likes them and to maintain their cover they took HFS in front of him. Drug intake, committing illegal actions, pretending as prostitutes, lovers and gang members is a common practice of undercover police officers to maintain their cover. Simultaneously, many at times such drug usage, addictions and other illicit habits (to maintain their cover) ruin personal lives and relationships of these officers and they consider them self exempt of law/ accountability due to their undercover assignments (274, Pollock).
A chase on the freeway by the motor cycle gang from the park led Jenko and Schmdit to destroy public property on the freeway and threatening lives of several citizens in it as well. However, in real life these undercover agents are not allowed to destroy public property to large extent like displayed in the movie and jeopardize the lives of innocent citizens to secure their cover. The argument on Schmdit’s hesitation to open fire upon the gang member is a question mark, as undercover agents are employed to bring information instead of fighting the culprits them self. These informants are mainly installed to gain extensive knowledge of the drug mafia and by no means required to kill the dealers or their agents on their own (Lee, 120).
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