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Whats the effect on persons health of the GMO food - Admission/Application Essay Example

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These plants have had certain aspects of their genes modified or enhanced so as to express certain good qualities on its produce or fruits. These qualities include…
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Whats the effect on persons health of the GMO food
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Extract of sample "Whats the effect on persons health of the GMO food"

Download file to see previous pages It is however, emergent that GMO food is safe for consumption and does not have adverse health effects on human beings.
The ethical aspect of its production has also been discussed at considerable length. Authors such as Oesterblad Jacqui have been categorical and quick to defend and advocate for the use of GMO food stating that they have no harm to the general wellbeing of its consumers (p. 121). Oesterblad further stated that there are no confirmed documented research works that have been done to directly link GMO food to any health complications and so the food is safe for consumption (p. 121).
Gerken, James stated that the research done two decades ago, which gave rise to the GMO food not only worked to increase food security but also relieved pressure on agricultural produce that could barely meet the needs of the growing population. These sentiments have been echoed by White Michael who stated that GMO foods have no harm to one’s health or the environment around; and this is attributed to the fact that GMOs as a source of food source has been scientifically modified and tested in the laboratory before being certified and declared safe for consumption. They also have no negative effects to the environments where they are grown.
With the current growth rate of our population, statisticians have postulated that the state needs to double its food supply in the next five years. This trend is evidently a worrying concern that puts the state in a very weird position. The puzzle has since been solved with the introduction of GMO food into the agricultural sector. This is a scientific invention that needs to be hailed and embraced by the society to provide a remedy just in the nick of time.
Farmers planting GMO food can now reap bumper harvests even from a very small piece of land; owing to the efficiency in their production. Their high productivity and faster growth rate ensures that the plants take a very short time to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Whats the Effect on Persons Health of the GMO Food Admission/Application Essay)
Whats the Effect on Persons Health of the GMO Food Admission/Application Essay.
“Whats the Effect on Persons Health of the GMO Food Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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