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Academic describe your hometown Dalian, the city of China - Essay Example

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The City has gained popularity because of the dominance as a lucrative seaport that is strategically located along the South of Liaoning province. Besides, the city serves as a central entry point through Southeast…
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Academic describe your hometown Dalian, the city of China
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Download file to see previous pages However, the region was converted into a small town-center after Sino-Japanese War controlled by both Russian and the Japanese. As such, the town underwent further several developments and became fully operational with modern port facilities in 1984. Since then, Dalian was pronounce a Chinese open city and awarded a provincial level to take up decision-making authority leading to the current Dalian port city.
Owing to the strategic location of Dalian, the City is associated with an exemplary prosperity and unique cultural heritage. Firstly, the city is characterized by numerous museums for example Waxwork that has gained tremendous popularity across the world. Secondly, the city of Dalian is also open to the elements of foreign influence such as architectural designs. A typical example is the Zhongshan Square that has been constructed through a combination of varied international cultures. Besides, the town authorities have also been engaged in construction of city squares that are equipped with musical instruments in praise of Dalian culture. Ultimately, the city is emerging as one of the biggest garments manufacturing centers and has a well-developed football champion that have immensely contributed towards the development of Dalian progressive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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