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In designing his cartoons, Phil ensures that the audience, some of which who happen to be political extremists are attacked on both directions. It’s worth noting that, none of…
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In the instruction
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due Political Cartoon Analysis: Fence Jumper; Phil hands can be termed as an unbiased cartoonist who addresses politicalissues as a medium man. In designing his cartoons, Phil ensures that the audience, some of which who happen to be political extremists are attacked on both directions. It’s worth noting that, none of the political party is perfect neither total bad, and hand precisely brings out some sense of equality between pros and cons of political idea.
Fence jumper published on October 25th 2014, on the Wisconsin state journal precisely analysis the current political scenario, emphasizing on veterans treatment. The cartoon is specifically designed to portray the reasons that made Omar J. Gonzalez illegally enter into statehouse. In the cartoon, the fence jumper is certain that his access to higher utility is blocked by the fence. People on the other side are better off but slightly neglect the rest; he says “I bet they have Great candy there.” Phil leaves it to the reader to make a conclusion whether the man had been humiliated or not, given that his luggage is labeled ‘trick or treat.’ As matter of fact, since the war against Iraq started, many veterans came home wounded while some had severe mental incapacities despite the president making great promises to curb their mistreatment.
In this cartoon, Phil targets the public, who are criticizing the man’s effort to seek some recognition. His friend represents the general public who can’t see the nice buildings on the other end and thus demotivates the fence jumper from accomplishing his mission.
Work cited
Handy, Phil. "Fence jumper." Wisconsin state journal 25 Oct. 2014: n. pag. Web. . Read More
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