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1.Argue your opinion as to why people resort to terrorism as a means to achieving their goals - Essay Example

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Terrorism has been described as being a tool of warfare or a method of violence that is primarily employed to aid individuals in achieving some form of social, historical or political goal when they believe that they have somehow been stripped of their rights or land or even…
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1.Argue your opinion as to why people resort to terrorism as a means to achieving their goals
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Extract of sample "1.Argue your opinion as to why people resort to terrorism as a means to achieving their goals"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will seek to establish the factors that drive people to resort to terrorism as a means of attaining their goals.
One reason as to why people can at times choose to resort to terrorism as a means of attain their goals is because as the world continues to become increasingly globalized, economic problems and poverty have often been cited as being a contributing factor that serves to promote terrorism. Terrorists are often driven by a lack of upward mobility and a sense of relative depravation within their societies. The modern media and globalization have served to give poor individuals a rather acute awareness of their situation as compared to those who are well off (Thakur, 153). This is noted to often lead to humiliation, victimization and frustration among the rapidly growing cohorts of uneducated and unemployed urbanized Muslim youth who are able to make comparisons across countries. The glaring economic differences between the Western world and themselves can often serve to infuriate individuals in the underdeveloped countries, a factor which can often have the effect of significantly increasing hostilities and tension. The development of such situations often allows organizations to gain the much needed attention and easy entry into societies that feel that they have been wronged by these perceived social injustices.
A second reason as to why people can at times choose to resort to terrorism as a means of attain their goals is because of video games and mass media. In the essay appearing in an issue of Rolling Stone magazine, John Davidson points out that media video games violence can at times have the effect of causing increased violence among children (Qtd. in Ackley 290a). In the article Davidson highlights the results of a case study in which the results of a survey on 875 third-graders showed that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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