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In an , summarize the dilemma Wiesenthal confronts. And then take a position answering the critical question, What would you have done (either forgiving the soldier or refusing forgiveness) and discuss the reasons that you have chosen your sta - Essay Example

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The state-sponsored Holocaust genocide killed 6 million Jews and other groups such as the Poles, the disabled, and the homosexuals within a period of four years. The Nazi created an inhuman and horrific scene that shocked the world. At this point, the world questioned its…
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In an , summarize the dilemma Wiesenthal confronts. And then take a position answering the critical question, What would you have done (either forgiving the soldier or refusing forgiveness) and discuss the reasons that you have chosen your sta

Download file to see previous pages... This explains why nations have committed efforts towards fighting dehumanizing practices such as slavery. This occurs as films and books tell the world of the horrible and sometimes shockingly human experiences amidst the Holocaust. In the Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal narrates the experience of encountering a Nazi soldier who confesses his sins and asks for forgiveness from Simon. Although Simon resorts to silence because of his dilemma, if I were in his position, I would not have forgiven the soldier.
It is essential to highlight the two levels of forgiveness that apply to the situation. Either forgiveness could mean excusing Karl from his atrocities or it may suggest letting go of the resentment that Simon might have harbored against Karl. Viewing Wiesenthal and Karl as individuals is simplistic thereby ignoring the complexity and experiences of people other than them. In this sense, it may be effective to view the two people as a case study of the Holocaust experience. Karl symbolizes the Nazi supporters who experienced a clear conscience only when faced with a similar trauma just as the Jews were facing. Although, the story does not indicate a particular time when Karl experienced a new revelation, it seems he refreshed his soul when he became sick. In the hospital, he is still identified as a soldier. It is probable that Karl would have continued with his debauched life had he not gotten ill. ‘
Wiesenthal’s forgiveness of Karl denies entire atrocities committed by the Third Reich regime. Denial of forgiveness, in this case, is an act of conscience that manifests the Holocaust’s magnitude of inhumanity. It is illegitimate for Karl to offer forgiveness on behalf of all the Jews who faced horrid time in concentration camps. Forgiveness, in the act of excusing Karl from his sins, endorses the debauchery that he committed. It is essential to note that rage was instrumental in inviting the rest of the world towards fighting the Nazi regime and halting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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