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People Attitude Toward Death and God in the Holocaust - Essay Example

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The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed of violence related to World War I & II, Nazi holocaust, genocide of Nanking (in China) ask the crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven-like The answer is simple and direct. Eyes full of understanding; hearts full of love and the life refusing conflicts-enough, these alone are enough!…
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People Attitude Toward Death and God in the Holocaust
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"People Attitude Toward Death and God in the Holocaust"

Download file to see previous pages Over this issue God is autocratic and no leniency is shown to anyone. The meaning and impact of death needs to be known from the spiritual aspect to understand its implications properly. The greatest 'incarnation' of genocide-evil ever to be born on this Plant Earth, Adolph Hitler-did he not say when he finally realized that suicide was the only alternative for him, "Brutal force has not won anything durable" Death is the ultimate prerogative of the human being. It is the unavoidable inevitability. Let us understand it from the point of view of action-reaction theory. Every action has the reaction and the intensity of the reaction is in proportion to the intensity of the action. Over this no dispute exists between the scientists and the spiritualists. One of the rare agreements between the two contending forces; the two opposing forces; the forces that normally do not see eye to eye with each other! As per this theory, death happens to one individual or one million individuals at a time, not without a reason. Death is an act of divine retribution. Suddenness involved in the death, one must admit, is the grace of God! Awaiting death is tortuous and leads to serious psychological maladjustments. During war-time, prisoners of war, and the people live in fear of death. Simon Wiesenthal, in his book, "The Sunflower," describes such a situation thus: "And one piece of bad news followed another, each more alarming than the last. Today's news was worse than yesterday's, and tomorrow's would be worse still."(Wiesenthal, 1998, p. 4)

The book by Anna Porter deals with the preventive measures to stall holocaust. Many in Israel were jealous of the honest attempts made by Kasztner to save the lives of Jews from certain death in the concentration camps. The man who accused him was Malchiel Greenwad, He "was a disappointed, angry, toothless old man with a black yarmulke and a small beard; his one ambition had been to become a journalist. ...Few people took Grnwald or his frequent outpourings of hate seriously. He was particularly hysterical in his attacks on the ruling Labor Party..." (Porter, 2007, p.375) Kasztner, who negotiated the deal with the Nazis, knew how tough the job was! Porter writes, "Kasztner looked out the window at the bare, grimy bricks of the courtyard. The sun lit up a corner where someone had hung a small basket of blue flowers, now withered. Perhaps the woman who had tended them had been dragged away to the Srvr prison, or Kistarcsa, or was already on her way to Auschwitz-Birkenau. "Because, Herr Hofrat, it was the best I could do. And we have to supply everything: medicines, baby food, blankets if -- God forbid -- winter comes and we are still waiting [for the war to end]Stern nodded."(Porter, 2007, p.203) Anna's book is about tough negotiations of Kasztner to save the lives of Jews and this aspect needs to be viewed from the point of view of political negotiations, for a great humanitarian cause.

How can a 14 year old digest the intricacies of philosophical logic related to death The devastating novel by Imre Kertesz, "Fateless" is about the life in concentration camp, of Gyorgy Koves, a Hungarian Jew .He writes, " At the destination station under his feet was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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People Attitude Toward Death and God in the Holocaust Essay.
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