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Argument paper -- Obamacare - Essay Example

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The plan provides Americans with affordable insurance and aims in improving healthcare in the country (Obama care facts 1). Obama care does a number of good things including protection,…
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Argument paper -- Obamacare
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Download file to see previous pages However, Obama care is not a good option in our society at this moment due the cost involved, biases and high operating costs (Fact 1). Despite its help towards average earners in the American society, it has created havoc and high operational costs to the rich and big businesses. The Obama care affects the American negatively by increasing taxes, causing unfairness in society, straining the economy and changing the cost of operating businesses.
First, for the government to get funds to insure millions of American citizens, obviously the money has to come from taxes. Moreover, this can negatively affect the high-income earners thus causing bias in the society. Because of high taxation rates on the rich people, this can in turn affect their employees as a result of the reduction of working hours. The Obamacare is not a good solution, as it seems to be a punishment towards the rich people and big businesses (Investors Business Daily 1). Moreover, due to high taxation on rich businesses might lower the investors confidence, and this might negatively affect the local economy.
Another negative situation on the Obama care is its ultimatums towards all American citizens. This law is forceful in that it requires that by January 2014 everybody was to have registered in this programme and those who fail a fee was to apply. Additionally, this Medicaid can only be achieved through the State and the federal funding. Unfortunately, not all states have the capability of fully funding this plan (Obama care facts 1). Thus, about 5.7 million people from the poor backgrounds will be without an insurance cover exposing their lives to danger. Furthermore, the state and the federal governments also provide fund for the plan making matters even more badly. A classic example is the Children Health Insurance Fund (CHIP). As a result, the operation cost of health insurance gets higher than the growth of the economy. This phenomenon strains the available resources in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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