Public transportation vs driving a car - Essay Example

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Some people take public transport while others prefer private vehicles based on different aspects of thinking, which include cost, safety, and harm to environment. Overall, public transport seems to…
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Public transportation vs driving a car
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Public Transportation vs Driving a Car Every day people use transport as the main means to get to the necessary place. Some people take public transport while others prefer private vehicles based on different aspects of thinking, which include cost, safety, and harm to environment. Overall, public transport seems to be more appropriate when it comes to these aspects.
First of all, taking public transport costs less than traveling by private vehicles. While using public transport, a person has to pay only for a ticket. The situation with car ownership is completely different. In particular, a car owner pay a lot of money for such things as fuel, car taxes, vehicle inspection, insurance, washes, maintenance, fines, repairs, and parking (Automobile Association).
Two out of ten unintentional injury deaths take place while transportation. The risk of passenger’s death varies greatly depending on the means a person chooses to travel. In this regard, public transport is safer. For example, during 2006-2008, more than 14,000 of car passengers died in car accidents while the number of deaths of passengers who took buses is about fifty (National Safety Council).
Finally, public transport does less harm to the environment than private transport. Overall, transportation in the United States accounts for about 28% of greenhouse gases emissions. Of this, buses, trains, and ships emit only 7% while 34% is generated by private cars (Pubtrantravel).
As it follows from the above-mentioned, public transport appears to be more appropriate for use in terms of cost, safety, and harm to environment.
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